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Guidelines for the Application of Policies to Promote ASEAN's Multiculturalism

Focuses on ASEAN cultural diversity and pluralism which effect education and schools in Thailand. Studies prototype schools under a project ‘Spirit of ASEAN’, covering their ASEAN curriculum, diverse cultural education, pluralism communication, English teaching, Southeast Asian languages studies, and ICT. Investigates ‘Sister Schools’ in cities enrolled by increasing numbers of migrant children from migrant labor families. Observes ‘Buffer Schools’ in borderlands bearing foreign children from neighboring countries. Analyzes strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT Analysis), as well as influential factors to promote multi-cultural schools. Demonstrates case studies of the prototype schools, as well as outcomes of ASEAN curriculum promotion in accordance with ASEAN Curriculum Sourcebook in 5 aspects, namely knowing ASEAN, valuing identity and diversity, connecting global and local, promoting equity and justice, and working together for a sustainable future.