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Cultivating a Sufficiency Mindset: Thailand's Educational Strategy for a Sustainable Society

Focuses on educational strategy to promote the sufficiency economy philosophy (SEP) based school programs in primary and secondary schools which covers school’s decision-making framework, school management , and learning activities. Discusses a framework to cultivate sustainability mindset by embedding the sufficiency principles in the curriculum and practices in students’ daily lives. Mentions school accreditation for Sufficiency Education Learning Centers (SELCs), the QPAR model (Question, Plan, Action, and Reflection) to integrate the SEP in the curriculum and activities. Reveals research results to investigate the qualified samples of SELCs in coherent with their practices, success factors, and outcomes. Evaluates the alignment of the sufficiency-based school programs with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals no. 4: Quality of Education, part of 2030 global agenda for sustainability with addressing challenges ahead for Thai sufficiency schools.