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The Pivot: The Future of American Statecraft in Asia

Studies American’s Pivot or the ‘rebalancing diplomacy’ implying to the United States’ foreign policy to engage in Asia-Pacific region with positive returns on political, economic, and military investments. Defines the Pivot’s terminology, a phenomenon of rising Asia, and Asia’s challenges in sanitation, infrastructure, economy, energy, climate change, logistics, technology, defense, film and arts industry. Traces history of American engagement in this region from the colonial era to the present South China Sea dispute. Analyzes the United States’ strategy in Asia by using diplomatic, economic and military means. Discusses Asia’s circumstance and choices for the Pivot, such as strengthening alliance, building new partnership, rebalancing the rise of China, using economic statecraft and strong military presence, and engaging regional institution. Assesses challenges and lessons learned from implementing the Pivot in modern Asia.