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The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace

Argues pessimism towards ASEAN regarding cultural diversity-based conflicts and bias against Islamic society. Sheds the lights on ASEAN ‘s peace aspect and economic opportunity. Mentions four waves in ASEAN, including the Indian wave, the Chinese wave, the Muslim wave, and the Western wave, along with ASEAN’s ability-especially Thai people to assimilate to those cultural diversities. Analyzes 5 factors regarding peace ecosystem in ASEAN, namely the fear of communism, roles of strong leaders, geopolitics, market-oriented economic policies, and ASEAN-based regional network. Considers global great powers’ policies toward ASEAN, including United Sate, China, European Union, India, and Japan. Indicates significant challenges faced by each ASEAN country. Exhibits regional SWOT analysis (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities- Threats)