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Asia in International Relations: Unlearning Imperial Power Relations

Studies international relations in terms of postcolonial insecurity, history, geographical and cultural linkages, and power relation theory concerning Asia’s sub-regions in the world politics. Covers the Indian subcontinent, Turkey, the Mediterranean, Iran, the Arab world, Ethiopia, Central-Northeast-Southeast Asia. Examines the security intervention, including civilizational dialogue, cosmopolitanism, green development in India. Traces origins of current unsolved contestations, such as nation-state problems in South Asia, Senkaku Islands dispute in South China Sea, Taiwan’s ambiguity on sovereignty, Turkey’s foreign policy in the Cold War. Discusses on international relation theories, such as the post-colonial paradox and racism, self-transformation towards trans-cultural relations. Looks at articulations of problems at regional and global level, including a comparison of anti-colonial experience between Turkey and Ethiopia, concepts of territory, proto-nationalism in the Philippines, Korean popular culture, and a case study on Westphalia,