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The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Asia: Human Rights-Based Overview of National Legal and Policy Frameworks Against the Backdrop of Country Strategies for Development and Poverty Reduction

Studies situations of indigenous peoples in Asia comparing to non-indigenous population, in terms of human rights, indigenous women empowerment, legal recognition, and policy framework in coherent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Looks at concept of indigenous peoples, national patterns to identify indigenous peoples, and recognition of their rights. Explores existing approaches to ensure their participation in public affairs and the rights to be consulted on matters that may affect them. Focuses on legal recognition of indigenous people’s rights to land and natural resources. Deals with national approaches and public policies on cultural rights, access to education, employment and occupation, social protection, welfare, and other public policies. Exemplifies situations in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India, as well as proposes 6 policy recommendations.