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The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century

Analyzes the transformation and government system under the new leadership of Xi Jinping which lead China to stronger political dictatorship as well as economic influence. Explains characteristics of socialist market economy in China, covering market mechanism, state ownership and controls in financial market and strategic sectors, openness for foreign capital, state regulations on household registration to control migrant workers, economic growth, corruption, and poverty alleviation measures. Deals with state’s policy and ideology – so called “hypothesis”, including being state for itself only, welfare state, and power state. Mentions China’s strategic actions of self-preservation and purchasing legitimacy through economic growth. Exhibits pillars of power in Chinese system, layer of local government, power of the Chinese Communist Party, public administration, legislature, police state, judiciary, state capacity and control- especially media control. Examines relations of welfare services and taxation. Concludes characteristics of China’s dictatorship, its deliverables and scenarios and future political transformation.