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The Impact of Infrastructure Investment on Thailand's Economic Growth and its Competitiveness under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), using the 2 Trillion Baht Infrastructure Scheme as a Case Study

Studies the impact of the two – Trillion-Baht infrastructure investment scheme (2013-20) whether and how it could boost up Thailand’s economy and competitiveness. Explores investment strategy, targeted projects, investment plans, and budgeting. Investigates the impacts from this investment schemes with economic projections and case studies from other infrastructure investment programs, covering economic growth projection, modes and cost of logistics, high-potential investment nodes, flagship businesses, a case study of Shinkansen High-speed rail in Japan, and lessons from infrastructure investment in Nong Khai, Pitsanulok, Chinag mai and Chonburi. Foresees changes and competitiveness enhancement led by this investment in terms of logistics improvement, increasing per capita income, growth of ASEAN’s business revenues especially in hospital, retailing and construction sectors.