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New Religiosities, Modern Capitalism, and Moral Complexities in Southeast Asia

Studies how religious belief and behaviors impact on economic performance or even contribute to capitalist rationalization in Southeast Asian countries. Covers case studies of moral economy from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. Deals with Indonesian Islamic market driven by Muhammadiyah company, and the social activities of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity in Indonesia. Analyzes an expanding market economy a moral issue of Bunong- Cambodian highland Protestants, plus the moral and economic transformation driven by Cambodian Pentecostal Christianity. Examines the Christian Burmese migrants in Bangkok, prosperity gospels in Singapore, the mega church phenomenon as the religious competition in the Philippines. Discusses Islamic techno-science and Halal market in Malaysia, lottery seeking in Thai religious practice, and a consumer-producer cluster of Singaporean Hindus.