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Proceedings of the 3rd National and International Conference on Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 28-29 September 2017, Rangsit University, Pathum Thani, Thailand

Compiles 18 papers proceeded to the 3rd National and International Conference on Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Covers topics on ASEAN countries’ issues, such as cyber-attack in Viet Nam, special economic zone development in Lao PDR, impacts of Angkor Sankranta Festival in Cambodia, an analysis of historical theory regarding communism by Francis Fukushima. Mentions the implementation of Buddhist philosophy to reduce crime and reinforce self-immunization. Investigates government agencies’ management, such as the decommodification of labour under the welfare state, self-preparation for early retirement among teachers, political campaign among chief candidates of provincial administration, corruption suppression efficiency, risk management of Mahidol University International College, local-government connectivity through the Sufficiency Economy in the southern provinces, reserve personnel management of Royal Thai Army, working environment of a certain metropolitan police division, employee motivation in the Ministry of Labour, and skills needed for learning organization. Explores marketing behaviors, such as buyers’ behaviors of Thai Y’s novel, marketing strategies of chained bookstores in Bangkok, the acceptance and the use of “STEAM” application users in Bangkok, and decisional factors of Ikea Bangna’s customers.