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Culture and Communication in Thailand

Studies social communication regarding Thai Buddhism, cultural change, tourism, human trafficking and violence against Thai women which are widely expressed in mass media and online communities. Explains the evolution of Thai Buddhist culture from ancient to globalization eras as well as how Thai Buddhism can enhance the mindful communication and journalism. Reflects hybridization of Thai Buddhism through a case study of “Dhammakaya” in terms of its belief system, values and representation which lead to commercialization, nationalism, and political-economic influence. Looks at gender violence, such as female status in Thai culture, sex trafficking, child trafficking, and forced labours in Thailand. Investigates Thai feudalism or Sakdina system shown in rural village culture, hierarchy within a community, daily interpersonal dialogue and Thai value system. Explores eco-tourism and the phenomenon of Chinese tourist in Thailand, elephants in tourism and the implementation of King Bhumibol’s Sufficiency theory in local organic farm in Chiang Mai.