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ASEAN, Thailand and Superpower in the Reform Period

Discusses regional relationship between ASEAN and global powers including United States, China, Japan. Addresses the advancing of geopolitics, regional conflicts, and economic development which lead to policy and strategic change, such as the rise of China, U.S.’s balancing strategy, Japan’s strengthening security strategy, ASEAN’s rule-based society, ASEAN’s non-tariff measure, and ASEAN’s convening power. Analyzes the rise of ASEAN along with political-economic response from global powers. Debates the need of consumer’s paradigm ship in ASEAN market from consumer protection law to consumption improvement law as to fight back various international trade barriers. Looks at economic and politic relations between Thailand –ASEAN- China from historical background to One Belt One Road policy. Investigates statistical data, investment tentative and infrastructure development projects between Thailand and Japan comparing to other ASEAN countries.