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The Man, The Plan, The Dream: China 4.0 series

Studies the development of China’s national policy, political economy strategies, and global power game under each Chinese president from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping. Categorizes China’s development into 4 periods, covering the divergence period which set China aside from the world order led by Mao Zedong or so called “ China 1.0” (1949-1976), the reform and economic opening up under Deng Xiaoping or “China 2.0” (1978-1992), the emergence period or “China 3.0” when China began accepting the world order (2003-2016) by participating the World Trade Organization and recently releasing One Belt One Road Project (OBOR) as “A New Dream of China or China 3.5” (2013-2016), and finally the transcending period or “China 4.0” and its growth engines (2017-2025). Analyzes China’s new normal, China’s counter- United States - strategies, regional security policy, economic policy and soft powers in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions. Highlights China’s Master Plan or the 13th Five-Year Plan including its targets, indicators, major projects, initiatives, and major reforms