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Singapore: Negotiating State and Society, 1965-2015

Reflects Singapore’s 50 years of independence from the post-1965 AD. Covers topics on history, culture, constitution, education, religion, politics, language policy, and state-society relationships. Examines national adaptation and change under the People's Action Party (PAP) government’s policies, the judiciary in coherent with constitution and government, and the two-party-parliament system. Highlights multiracial policies or so called CMIO (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Others) as a nation-building process that influence on multi-official language, problems on race rule, changing landscape on politics and language policy. Looks at government management on religions, covering Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese temples, Buddhism and Islam. Deals with government policies on arts, culture and education, including cultural policy shift due to concerns on erosion of traditional values, English rock ’n’ roll stream in Singaporean society, and the promotion of national identity in schools.