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Logistics Strategy to Advance-Accept AEC and Border Trade

Focuses on proactive and passive logistics strategy fit for ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) market and border trade. Explains scope of logistics and supply chain, impacts of AEC to Thai entrepreneurs, correlation between logistics and border trade. Presents Thailand’s logistics competitiveness, its infrastructure, intersection and connectivity, and logistics cost. Explicates key trends, challenges from foreign competitors and logistics problems found in agricultural, production, and trade and services industries. Covers roles of private logistics service providers to drive national strategy, logistics 4.0, trade and service promotion in borderlands and special economic zones, border trade volumes and key gateways, incoterms, logistics routes in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), and trans-national trade. Explicates high efficient logistics system with lower cost, border trade strategy for AEC, infrastructure and logistics networks in neighboring countries, special economic zones on R3A route from Lao PDR to China (Boten-Mohan), border trade technique, and logistics strategy for border trade.